Welcome -  English
 Keyboard - En US
 Wireless - don't connect
 Preparing [...] - Install third-party software
 Where are you? - <your location>
 Who are you?
  User / remove user's name / set password

<reboot (1st boot)>

 Use the Welcome app to get started.
  Enable the firewall (Public)

<connect to the network>

  Launch Update Manager
   Refresh, Update the Update Manager, refresh again,
   Install Updates
 Panel Properties
  Orientation: Top
  Size: 36 (or preference)
 Clock Preferences (right-click the date+time) - 12-hour
 Set a desktop background
 Add applets to panel
  Lock Screen, Window Selector, Trash, System Monitor,
   Inhibit Applet, Workplace Switcher (if advanced user)
 Configure terminal (advanced)
  Profile Preferences
   Font - DejaVu Sans Mono Book
   Use custom terminal size - 92 x 43
   Colors - White on Black
   Transparency - Adjust to preference
 Configure file manager: default to compact view
 Desktop Settings - turn off Computer and Home
 Install qsi.txt as /usr/local/qsi executable
 ( wget )


 Welcome app, cont'd
  System Snapshots - RSYNC, disable
  Driver Manager
  Multimedia Codecs
 Install apps:
  Aisleriot, GParted, Docky
  vim & vim-doc (from cmd line)
 Configure Docky - Transparent, Icon size 42, Zoom 133%
 Configure Firefox
  View Bookmarks Toolbar
  Addons: uBlock Origin, Privacy Possum
  Language: Add English (US)
  Mailto: Always ask
  Don't automatically update search engines
  Homepage and new windows: Blank Page
  Uncheck all Firefox Home content
  Add searchbar in toolbar
  Change search provider to DDG
  Delete cookies etc. when FF is closed
  Custom setting for history: Clear history when FF is closed
  Permissions: Block new requests for
   Location, Camera, Microphone, Notifications
  FF Data Collection: Uncheck all
  Prevent accessibility services
  Customize toolbar: remove flex space
   Add zoom controls, bookmarks menu

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