Free Ringtones

I like to use custom ringtones and notification sounds on my smartphone. If you do too, maybe one of these will suit your fancy.

Loud Princess
 r = ringtone
 n = notification


The procedure for installing ringtones and notifications varies from phone to phone.

Android Phone

On a recent-model Samsung phone you can add an MP3 file to the Ringtones folder and it will appear in the list of available ringtones. Similarly, copy text alert tone files to the Notifications folder and the ringtone for Messages can be selected. If it doesn't show up, try rebooting the phone.


I needed a loud ringtone for my phone, so I recorded one. It's a rising-volume recording of a ringing "princess" phone. It's a loud ringtone.

After a long hiatus, I created a new ringtone out of a press-conference clip, along with a matching text-message alert tone.

This page is one of the first public pages I put on the site. It will be updated and new ringtones will be added, along with Apple-compatible ones now that I know how to make those.

(new) Now the audio files are displayed using the HTML 5 <audio> tag, so Adobe Flash Player is no longer required to play them.

Page last modified on April 03, 2017
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