Belt Cases for the Sony RX100M2 (RX100 II)

I recently bought a Sony RX100 II (a great camera!) and needed a belt case for it. I found two cases that work pretty well. The Sony LCS-CSW, a.k.a. LCSCS, is a utilitarian everyday-carry case made of synthetic cloth material. The Canon PSC-3100 is a leather case that you might prefer to wear with slacks rather than jeans.

Sony LCS-CSW (a.k.a. LCSCS) Belt Case

Sony RX100M2 (RX100 II) and Black LCS-CSW Case

My choice for every-day carry is the $6 Sony LCS-CSW(*), slightly modified to suit some minimalist preferences. The case is sturdy, protective, and unobtrusive. It fits my RX100M2 with Sony AG-R2 accessory grip perfectly and zips up completely to keep dust and debris away from the camera. The only drawback might be the lining, which could eventually rub the anti-reflective coating off of your LCD display if you don't have a screen-protector installed.

(*) The LCS-CSW case is also improperly known as an LCSCS or "Sony LCSCS with B". The letter after a slash indicates color. Mine is an "LCS-CSW/B", where the B is for black. Blue is /L, red is /R.

There's room for strap and battery.

The padded and slightly wedge-shaped Sony case is deep enough to provide a small amount of room at the top when the case is zipped closed. The zippers don't bind "around the corners" and the small area is just enough space to stow the paracord-like wrist strap that Sony provides with the camera.


There's enough room to carry a spare battery or other small accessory inside with the camera. When I carry a battery, I carry it upright against the camera's base near the battery door. This orientation won't cause any wear to the camera's finish.

The snap-on belt loop on the rear side of the case allows the camera to be put onto -- and taken off from -- your belt without any belt-unbuckling. The case fits loosely enough on a belt to comfortably leave it on while sitting down, even while wearing a seat belt in the car.

LCS-CSW Modifications

Here are the modifications I made:

Removed Items
  • Remove the plastic clip (won't use it)
  • Remove the inner pocket (make extra room; avoid LCD wear)
  • Black out the Sony lettering (plain black is better)

I removed the inner pocket because I don't want its "lumps" and stitching to rub against my RX100's LCD display. Removal of the pocket also provides a slightly looser fit for the camera inside the case.

To remove the inner pocket, turn the case inside-out and snip along each side carefully with a pair of pointy scissors, then remove the stitching from the bottom. While I was at it, I snipped off the two white tags at the bottom of the case.

Canon PSC-3100 Belt Case

Canon PSC-3100 with RX100M2

I also have a leather camera case (Canon PSC-3100) that I wear when a "dressier" case is warranted. That one is OK, but it's less slim and its magnetic-flap closure is less protective from dust.

Despite being bulkier than the Sony case, the Canon case doesn't accommodate a spare battery as well. It also seems to shed some "fuzz" from its lining onto the camera.

Final Thoughts

LCS-CSW & PSC-3100

So far I'm satisfied with the Sony LCS-CSW. It appears to be made of sturdy materials and I expect it to resist wear.

The Canon PSC-3100 is a mixed bag. It's nice looking and made of leather, but has less room (despite being bulkier than the Sony) and I feel a bit uneasy about the fuzz I find on my camera after it's been in the case a while.

Page last modified on June 15, 2016
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